Vaidhya Dhara Shah has thousands and thousands of people who she has helped and who have shared their stories of healing. Below are many examples of people from all over the world, struggling with a wide variety of different ailments, who have found incredible results from the ancient healing secrets of Vaidhya Dhara Shah.

[As outlined in the Important Disclaimer below, it is important to remember that any of people sharing their experiences and results are their personal views, results can vary (i.e. depending on quantity, duration, body type, your discipline with recommended diet, lifestyle, and many factors). Sharing their stories is intended for inspiration and education about what is possible based on their experience, but each person’s experience may differ based on many factors, and we recommend that for any of your personal health questions you consult with your physician.]

We are honored and delighted here to share education about the ancient art and science of Healing for improving your wellness, as it has done for thousands and thousands of people from around the world for thousands of years.

We hope that you enjoy learning about the principles of the Ancient ayurveda-Veda, Secrets through the stories of these wonderful people on the Reviews page of this website or through

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There are so many people that have been touched by Dr. Dhara Shah that mentions of the stories of healing would take forever to capture and give it the justice it so deserves. Dr. Dhara Shah has helped so many people regain their lives and enjoy excellent health and feel much more balanced.

Vaidhya Dhara Shah starts by asking the client who visits her, “What do you want?” She seeks to understand – What type of balance are you seeking? What do you desire? What is your goal to achieve your health? The questions might sound simple, but it makes one think.

Vaidhya Dhara Shah then often suggests her clients pursue a diet and ayurveda guideline that aligns with what they want.

Vaidhya Dhara Shah has the vision to help anyone who wants to change their lives to have vibrant health, full of energy, and peace of mind. She will provide her total afford and wisdom of ayurveda to help a person to achieve the well-being that they desire.

Alexandra Unruh

Every day I encounter one or more people who have some kind of physical ailment which I’m thinking can be remedied through the treatment of ayurveda. Sometimes it’s as easy as discontinuing eating a certain food and maybe, adopting new eating habits.* That’s about me. What I want to do is briefly write about Dr. Shah. Her practice is intelligent and thorough because, she is intelligent and thorough. She has answered my questions so that I have a much better understanding of what is happening in and to my body. ‘No stone is left unturned”.* Whether you have aching joints, aching back or even cancer, Dr. Shah can be of service.* Even mental conditions and disabilities such as Autism and Down Syndrome can be addressed with effectiveness.* Dr. Shah has extended her health care treatments, supplements and knowledge to me over the course of 7 years.
- Alexandra Unruh

Anne Simpson

I have been a patient of Dr. shah off and on since 2015.
She is thorough, professional and unbelievably accurate!
I recently had 4 days of treatment with her. I feel better than I have in years, and I continue to follow her direction and use her supplements to work towards reducing joint stiffness and inflammation.
She is an invaluable resource and would be helpful for anyone looking to support their health.
- Anne Simpson

Samish Gupta

I was suffering from severe dry eyes from 7 years . The optometrist always suggested to put lubricating eye gels but there were no change in my eyes health. It was very deteriorating. I just started having blurry vision, itching, and irritation in eyes with cloudiness from last month. I thought of being blind soon, but I talked to Dr. Dhara Shah. We know her from many years. She gave me ghee to ingest with lukewarm water or milk, and other ghee in the form of eye drops. Astonishing fact that with just one dose has given me 40% relief. I really appreciate your help, Dhara ji. Thank you.
- Samish Gupta

Padma Rao

Dr Shah has changed our lives for good. She listens and understands the concerns. She advised ayurvedic supplements and few life style changes which has helped us immensely to better the chronic condition.

I strongly recommend Dr Shah as she’s knowledgeable and affordable.

Thank you Dr Shah for being who you are.

- Padma Rao

Marlo Richardson

I have some autoimmune and health issues, I am looking to begin a new health and wellness journey with Ayurveda. I needed some guidance and an Ayurveda Practioner to assist me in this new phase of my life.

Dr Shah has started me on a new diet and detox plan to get started, is very kind and patient with me. Full of information but also knows to take it slow as I am so new to this and used to my highly convenient western lifestyle. I look forward to my new journey with her and will update in a few months as progress to my health changes.

- Marlo Richardson

Jerret Wiens

Since meeting Doctor Dhara Shah I have reduced my weight from 275 lbs to 200 lbs. Dr Shah and Ayurveda medicine have helped me regain control of my health and achieve balance in many aspects of life.

I have transformed from the western diet of meat and potatoes I was raised on to mostly Ayurveda vegetarian meals. I have much more energy and better general health since committing to Ayurveda medicine and meals. I owe my health to Dr Shah, without her I would never have achieved my health goals.

- Jerret Wiens

Vijay Kumar

I am so happy with Dr. Dhara treatment. I have been seeing her for the last 3 years and I’m really seeing a lot of improvement in my condition. I am so blessed to have her, she is very knowledgeable and very caring towards her patients. I would recommend everyone to consult her. Thank you Dr. Dhara for everything.
- Vijay Kumar

kapila Jain

Dr. Dhara is exceptionally knowledgeable and caring person. Her assessment about patient’s health condition is very detailed. She works on eliminating root cause of the disease. My health has improved tremendously since I started the treatment with her.

She is very flexible and ready to adjust as per patient’s requirements. I would highly recommend her, specially if someone has underlying chronic conditions.

- kapila Jain

Alexander Lysynchuk

I want to thank Dr. Shah for her insightful assessment of my condition, deeply caring attitude, and effective treatment. For over 35 years I had a chronic nasal congestion. The Ayurvedic nasal therapy administered by Dr. Shah healed it completely.
- Alexander Lysynchuk

Parveen Saroya

I would like to thanks Dr Dhara shah for such a wonderful Ayurvedic Doctor.I am going to her since last four years.She is an amazing doctor. She is also a massage therapist too .I got amazing results from both treatments Aurvedic and massage therapy.Dr shah listen to you very carefully and give you the right treatment.Just follow her instructions with positivity.Thanks Dr Dhara for being there . Thanks
- Parveen Saroya

Nehal Shah

The best ayurveda clinic with a brilliant young doctor, dedicated and passionate.

Dr Dhara Shah’s diagnosis and treatment is as good as you’ll get anywhere in India. The prices are very reasonable.

If you are thinking of taking some ayurveda treatment or have a medical problem, this is the place for you. You can also go there to get customized herbal teas aimed at balancing your doshas and thereby giving you healthy life.

Dr. Dhara is very knowledgeable about ‘western’ medicine as Ayurvedic doctors do a similar training to allopathic ones in the first few years, then they specialize in Ayurveda. I could go on and on. Back in US now and can’t believe how strong, quick thinking and energetic I am. I’ll definitely go back next year.

- Nehal Shah

Aska Patel

I want to thank Dr. Shah for her assessment of my condition of stomach deeply caring attitude, and effective treatment. Thank you 👍👍👍👍
- Aska Patel

Neeru Prashar

If you want an authentic Ayurveda experience, then this is the place for you. I was looking for Ayurvedic doctor in Edmonton from last many years and after trying different practitioners, I felt that I am in right hands. With her knowledge and down to earth attitude she has so much to offer..
- Neeru Prashar

Nilima Mehta

She is really good at catching my problem and helping me with my health issues… she helps my daughter period related problem. now my whole family improve our lifestyle under Dr.Dhara shah guidance. Thank you Dr.Dhara shah.
- Nilima Mehta


For over 35 years I had a chronic nasal congestion. The Ayurvedic nasal therapy administered by Dr. Shah healed it completely.
- AVL003

Devinder Thind

I visit there 2-3 times. She is too good and so nice
- Devinder Thind

Zada Ezze

My experiences is v.v.very good . All the staff nd therapist are well trained nd sweet.
- Zada Ezze

Devang Shah

Had a great experience with Dr shah. Very humble and knowledgeable person in Ayurveda treatment.
-Devang Shah

Hardik shah

Thank you Dr. Dhara ben for giving me such a good nd nice treatment..
- Hardik shah